Best Wordpress Premium Themes for 2017

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2017

The Best Premium WordPress THemes for 2017

What creates a Theme deserving of getting regarded as the great top quality WP concept? In the direction of much better fully grasp this, it’s vital towards realize almost everything WordPress incorporates towards provide in just text of world wide web production and style.

Best WordPress Premium Themes for 2017

Best WordPress Premium Themes for 2017


The Best CMS System

WordPress incorporates the clear honor of becoming a remarkably configurable Delighted Manage Procedure (CMS), which was to begin with built in the direction of cover the requires of bloggers yet sooner or later progressed into a system that accommodates plugins and layout widgets – including not merely aesthetic worth, however moreover efficiency.

There are plenty of quality WP Themes obtainable upon the World-wide-web designers’ market place, which include kinds that ThemeForest discounts, and it can be impossible in the direction of pinpoint the maximum just one – specifically each time men and women’s desires and company desires are normally evolving. Within just addition, technological innovation proceeds toward acquire, acquiring added themes which superior reply in the direction of transforming consumer requirements.


The 16 Best WordPress Themes for 2017

Whilst it will come toward happy, it’s  no for a longer period enough in direction of hire random, non-thematic pics or in direction of contain a wall of terms populating a net. Toward draw in visitors, much more multimedia this sort of as movie and music, one-way links and offers are once in a while generated a section of the web site’s written content. The words and phrases consists of on top of that been specified a fresh new course of action and the far more concise the words and phrases is, the superior it engages the web page’s end users. Sooner or later, style materials are sharper – reflecting the instantaneous growth of structure technologies.

In this article are some of the easiest high quality WordPress themes for 2017, classified in accordance in the direction of their person and relative fields and yours for grabs! This hottest range of the great WordPress themes includes a short while ago been up to date and involves some interesting contemporary additions.

Know How To Choose The Professional WordPress Themes


There are websites and websites where people sell WordPress themes and it is a little tricky to pick the professional ones from among this multitude. Some themes have great visual appeal but they fall flat when it comes to functionality and some are not compatible with recent versions of WordPress. So one needs to decide upon the version of WordPress on which the theme can run and ensure that the theme has the menu-adding functionality.

ThemeForest is a site that has WordPress themes galore for sale. These are themes that Corporates to start-ups to bloggers will want to use. Whether it is just a website or dynamic blog that you want to build, you will not run short of choice on ThemeForest.


Here's why we say ThemeForest is your best bet for purchasing templates: 


Most templates sold on are ThemeForest constantly updated.

You get direct support from the author through comments or through forums.

Just take a look at the comments on each WordPress theme and you'll get to know that the theme is all about and why it has buyers!

The rating system is a great new idea that ThemeForest has come up with which weeds out bad themes from the market.

We've got some great pointers for you on how to choose the best WordPress theme 


Look for a slider. Do not go for a Flash slider. Not that we hate Flash. But Flash has a downside in that it cannot be played on iPad and iOS devices. Therefore opting for a jQuery slider would be a wise decision.


See whether the theme allows you to handle menu items from admin. Also remember to look for presence of dropdown menu.


Look for an admin panel that can store images and data like logos, footer, credit and copyright related things.


To have an admin panel with import and export options would be the icing on the cake. But it is OK if it is not available.


Ensure that the theme comes with shortcodes to display gallery.


Look for a separate link for Blog. The advantage of having a blog link is that you can have a blog on any page. By and large WordPress sites do have the blog post listing on the homepage itself. But currently WordPress is becoming a full-fledged CMS and therefore it can handle the site as well as blogs at same place.


Find out whether a blog post can be attached with a featured image.


sitios creados en wordpress

Los mejores sitios creados con themes de wordress

Hoy se volvió muy común crear un sitio en worpdress. La mayoría son fáciles de utilizar pero no todos saben como utilizarlos para que queden optimizados.

WordPress es un sistema de gestión de contenidos (CMS) que permite crear y mantener un blog u otro tipo de web.

En mi caso lo considero el mejor CMS que hay hoy en la actualizar, es fácil de utilizar y hay themes muy buenos que ayudan a tener un muy buen sitio.

Esta es solo mi opinión desde mi experiencia, lo aclaro porque se que hay mucha gente que prefiere joomla o otro CMS.

En el post anterior se hablo de las ventajas de usar wordpress así que es por eso que hoy quiero hablar mas de sitios realizados en wordpress con distintos themes.

Hay millones de sitios así que solo voy a mostrar una selección que hice yo.

Aunque no lo puedas creer esta realizado en wordpress. Aunque no podemos sabemos su versión ni que theme usa debido al seguridad la web de música mas famosa esta realizada en este CMS.

Con solo esta web ya vemos la importancia de lo que es wordpress.  

Hay muchísimos theme free o de pago. Siempre recomendamos usar los de pago ya que tiene soporte y tiene mas seguridad pero algunos free son realmente muy buenos.

Si bien en la mayoría de los casos se utiliza para crear blog en los últimos años creció mucho para la realización de tiendas online o woocomerce pero eso lo dejaremos para otro post.

¿Que otro sitio elegi para mostraste hoy que esta hecho en wordpress? si, este sitio tiene casi 1 millon de visitas al mes y esta realizado en este fantástico CMS. Solo estos dos sitios cuentan con millones de visitas de mes.

Por las dudas aclaro que además del themes hay muchos otros factores que se necesita como un buen hosting, seguridad, etc. Como verán a medida que voy escribiendo el post se me van ocurriendo temas nuevas para futuras notas.

Un sitio que me gusta mucho es este estudio contable que combina su sitio con un apartado de blog.  Un sitio muy bien optimizado con un theme que permite que tenga un muy buen diseño.

Otro tema muy interesante que tiene wordpress es que hay muchos plugin que ayudan a terminar de obtener una buena optimización del sitio.

LeerHow to find the best premium wordpress themes for your site?

Problemas con la carga de js o el css, u otros como errores en html ademas de mejorar la velocidad, la optimización de imágenes y otros factores son corregidos por varios plugin.

Pero como comente antes acá ya tengo otro tema para seguir hablando en futuros post.

Y por último y para cerrar este post uno de mis sitios preferidos es el de Mercedes Benz.  También realizado en wordpress el sitio utiliza muy bien las imágenes para mostrar sus autos. Además de tener un sitio muy bien armado rapido y optimizado a la hora de utilizarlo.

Y como regalo te dejo aca un video en donde nuestro amigo nos muestra sitios creados con wordpress.

No quise armar un post lleno de sitios si no que elegi los 4 que a mi entender son los que mas me gustan.

Me gustaría que dejes tu opinión en los comentarios y que me digas que sitios web creado en wordpress te gusta mas. Nos vemos en el próximo post de premium-wordpress-themes

Know The Advantages Of Using WordPress Theme

If you have been using WordPress for running your blog or website, it is quite obvious that you are familiar with the theme system. WordPress theme allows you to change the way your blog or website looks in only matter of seconds. No wonder, wordpress theme is a very powerful system and it has actually made the entire procedure of publishing content online very convenient. 

Wordpress Theme

Most of the web owners prefer to use free wordpress themes that are readily available online but you should seriously consider premium wordpress theme before using a free one. 


Now you should know the different reasons behind using premium wordpress themes:



Better design:


The best part of using premium wordpress themes is that they come with the best designs done by the skilled designers and a good premium theme can actually make your blog or website unique. There are some premium wordpress themes come with some design elements that could easily cost huge amount of money if you had to hire your own designer to design such thing. 


So if you want a professional looking blog or website then you should definitely use a premium wordpress theme. 


High end coding:


Most of the free themes contain poor coding and sometimes even bad code also. Always remember one thing that bad codes are really harmful for your site because it can slow down the speed of your site and it can hurt your search engine ranking also. A premium theme is always designed by a skilled web developer who knows how a theme should be coded. You don’t have to be worried about getting any bad code with the wordpress themes. 


Smart features:

One of the very crucial advantages of using premium wordpress themes is that they come with advanced features that you cannot expect to have in a normal free theme. The advanced features allow you to show off your feature articles, place the twitter updates in the sidebar and you can also update your feedburner link for your feed and email updates. These advanced and helpful features come with the theme itself so that you won’t have to install different plug ins. Now you might be realizing the reason behind getting a good speed and high end security when a premium theme is used.


Easy and quick customization:


Premium wordpress themes allow you to customize the theme in your own way so that it can meet all your requirements. Most of the premium themes come with a lot of design settings so that you can easily change the colour, logos, fonts etc without using any HTML code.

Language School – Courses & Learning Management System Education WordPress Theme

Today I would like to talk about an amazing WordPress theme called:

Language School – Courses & Learning Management System WordPress Theme

Language School WordPress Plugin

Language School WordPress Plugin

This is a mind-blowing educational tool that can turn a plain WordPress website into an amazing education site. With this plugin, you will be able to create a website for any type of school, language courses, and language-related training. And although it shines when it comes to language courses, it can be used not only for languages but also for other types of learning and educational online websites. 

This theme's functionality will satisfy any demanding learning, teaching, and other education needs. It features Timetable integration and it has full support for The Events Calendar plugin, let alone support for LearnPress plugin. In addition, you can also add an extremely functional and appealing timetable for your courses. The plugin also enables you to schedule and display learning events, such as free lessons, online conferences and much more. 

The LearnPress Plugin

The LearnPress Plugin

The LearnPress Plugin

There's also a sidekick to this plugin called the LearnPress plugin which turns your language school or Spanish courses website_ well, actually any language websites into a priceless online tool in which your learners can view courses and lessons and also pass quizzes or find useful information for their learning. 

What's more, Language School – Courses & Learning theme enables the creation of custom Profiles to post types with many options to display. And school teachers and lectors profiles can be added and their basic info can be displayed as well. They can also be categorized according to their presentation styles, contact forms and specific details such as their country of origin or whatever you decide!

How to find the best premium wordpress themes for your site?

Since there is a great amount of premium WordPress themes that are available in the market, it is indeed, without a doubt, a great challenge to find best WordPress theme suited to your needs. 

The quest for the best premium WordPress Theme 

But through following the said guidelines in order to find the best premium WordPress theme you are to find the one that would perfectly match your needs. These guidelines are the following:
•    Identify the type of site you need. There are indeed different kinds of premium WordPress themes that are available. You should understand the needs and warrants and would make a wise choice. Like for instance, once your site is focused on selling products then you must consider an e-commerce premium WordPress theme that is most suitable to you. 
•    Is it SEO optimized? This is considered as an essential factor that should be considered. Premium WordPress themes should be able to load reasonably fast. Google also emphasized that the loading time of the site is one of the ranking factors. So a theme that is rich with features will definitely affect the ranking of your site. 
•    Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Compatibility is one of the most pressing problems of some theme and so there is a need to make sure that the theme developer theme would offer periodic updates, therefore ensuring that the site is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. 
•    The features you wish to have on your site should also be considered. Majority of premium WordPress themes would come being pre-loaded with the most conventional features such as multiple color schemes, color customizations, fonts and more. If you need advanced features then you should look for a theme having all your needed features. 
•    Presentation. This would be based on how you are to present your site to the visitors. It would not matter whether what style you want for the site to have but there is just a need to focus on what you need and so check out on the theme that is suitable to the style of the site. 
•    Checking out the theme demos must also be considered. You must analyze the demo from the point of view of a visitor. You must see to it whether the site is user-friendly, easy to navigate or well-organized. 
•    Consider some homework to be done by the designer team. There is a need to make sure that the designer team could offer technical support in the form of email, phone, ticketing system or through the technical support team forum. It would not matter what kind of help options are there but the developer requires a substantial level of support as well as help. 
•    In order to save a great amount of time, you could check out online marketplaces that have already bring the best premium WordPress themes together from different reputable theme designers all in one place. 
If you are to be guided by these guidelines, then having the best premium WordPress themes will also be guaranteed. 

Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes to Bloggers

Wordpress has gained popularity all over the world since it started in 2003. There are millions of people that would take advantage of the said open source and self-hosted blogging platform due to the idea of being free, so easy to use and has a large community as well. Along with the growth of blogging came the demand for appealing, modern and functional blog interface in order for companies as well as individuals could attract more numbers of site visitors. And that’s why there are more and more people out there that would get premium WordPress themes. 

WordPress themes for bloggers! 

Those WordPress themes that are WordPress designed are popular and also increasing these days, along with numbers of design agencies as well as freelance web designers that would make various themes which suit different needs. Most of the premium WordPress themes are being offered within low costs but there are as well other themes that are offered for free. 
There are as well numbers of web designers as well as design companies that would make a steady living out creating wordpress themes that are being purchased for commercial blogs and sites. Sometimes, they would earn more out of creating custom themes for the clients. Even those free premium wordpress themes are useful to the designers since these themes would help in boosting the search engine rankings and would give them great online standing. Both of the free and premium wordpress themes would enable the web designers to easily create quality sites having not to spend much money. 

Premium WordPress themes could do great things for the bloggers as well as site owners. First, these themes would provide the user with a unique personality for their sites or blogs. Once a blog stands out from the rest of the packs, it would keep the readers to come back and so attract more numbers of readers. This will not be experienced if you are to consider free WordPress themes.  Blogs having common theme or layout might not make a good impression on the readers since they would think that there is nothing interesting or special about the blog. Rather, they would leave the blog and would browse again in order to find more interesting blogs. 

In addition, bloggers will not have to hire web designers in order to create layouts for the blogs since they could easily get the premium WordPress themes from the internet. And also, bloggers could choose from numbers of available themes online. Bloggers might even view what they could get prior to buying a WordPress theme. 

Indeed, premium WordPress themes are considered to be ideal for those large online projects wherein success is measured through the number of people who would visit the sites or blogs. There are many blogs for those big corporations and online magazines that would invest with these premium WordPress themes since these themes would boost the credibility and would help sustain the interest of the readers. Those blogs that would use such themes would be far better compared to others in terms of product placement as well as promotion. And also these themes would let the blogs carry an image which is something different among others so leading more sales as well as more satisfied customers. 

5 Characteristics of Effective WordPress Themes – Part 2

(For part 1, please click here)

Keep in mind that the reason of your website is to Provide timely, appropriate content to your website visitors, Any theme that preserves or boosts the reader experience is beneficial, any theme that subtracts from the experience is undesirable.

Anyone can start a blog today! 


4) SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We can say a lot about search engine optimization, yet when all is said and done, if you have articles or blog posts worthy of reading sooner or later you'll get the ratings you deserve. That doesn't imply that you don't require SEO; it simply indicates that as far as optimization is concerned all you really will need to do is to be completely sure:

(a) Your tags have the right format, with the name of the article 1st followed by the name of the website – some themes can do this instantly without the need of changes to the code or use of a plugin

(b) All your weblog posts titles use the H1 tag, with the primary key phrases used as an alternative  to non-descriptive words and phrases for superior SEO value

(b) Your theme contains clean source codes, and ideally all formatting is connected to an external CSS file which you can edit individually

5) Plug-And-Play User-Friendliness 

Can the theme be mounted effortlessly on an existing web site without any problem? Can the exact same theme be utilized and tailored quickly on your other blogs? These are some additional things you may want to consider when theme-shopping, especially if every minute of downtime on your weblog could possibly mean lost product sales.

While it's difficult to make comparisons because of the huge volume of free and paid themes readily available, it's still a fantastic idea to have a test site. Look at any theme you plan on having, and make sure your test site is also equipped with all the plugins and widgets utilized on your real website. The final point you want is for your site visitors  to begin observing odd error messages on your blog site.

When all is said and done, a theme is merely a theme. It's always a great idea to outsource the job and focus much more on your visitors.

5 Characteristics of Effective WordPress Themes – Part 1

If you're running a blog on WordPress, the first thing you'll most likely do is to put in a new WordPress theme. Even if you've been running a blog for years you might continue to be a theme "fan", wasting a lot of time doing tiny changes that when summed up simply distracts you from focusing on content.

It's definitely straightforward to see why this one aspect of managing a website requires so much attention. The right theme will enable your to place all or your widgets and codes wherever you need them to be, and may also get much better search engine scores and tons of fresh traffic each and every day.

A Clean Theme to Enjoy! 

So what are the elements you need to take into account to make theme-hunting a lot easier? Here are five important elements:

1) Theme Width and Columns

Traditionally, WordPress themes have always had either 2-column or 3-column formats. If you're running a blog for non-profit, a 2-column theme can appear more compact and easier to brose and read. Given that you have fewer pictures of products or hyperlinks to other internet websites to display, you can concentrate entirely on the content material without leading visitors away from your web page.

Having said that, if you're blogging for financial gain, you may well want to check out a 3-column WordPress theme that will enable you to use Google Adsense, and other kinds of Text Link Ads codes easily without compressing everything in the content area. 3-column themes give the webmaster enough room for growth, but if at some point you've filled up all available space with adverts, then it's time you eliminated the non-performers and use only the ones that do perform well in your specific website.

2) Use of Pics and Icons

A theme with pictures and icons can look Fantastic, but it hardly ever improves your website traffic or subscriber base. Actually, the majority of top bloggers have simple themes with a basic logo on top. Getting rid of unnecessary images also usually means faster loading time and less pressure on your servers. This critical aspect of server burden becomes crystal clear only if you have thousands of site visitors a day, but it's worth planning for the long term.

An image-laden theme also distracts people from the content material itself. That's why many important blogs use stunning pictures in the content areas to increase value to a posting, but the theme itself is very simple and quite minimalist.

Ideally, a theme should really enable you to use your own header graphic for more powerful branding reasons, but substitute pictures and icons with hyperlinks and text, or simply not use them at all unless of course, it is completely vital.

3) Compatibility with Plugins

Another time-consuming activity is setting up plugins that boost the overall performance of your web-site. There's a plugin for practically everything you need to do with your site, but although most of them are absolutely free and easily available, it's not often easy to set up the plugins and add the codes into your WordPress theme.

If your theme is far too complex, it might be a hassle to even add a single line of code you require to make a plugin do the job. This is frequently the case with highly developed themes that have too many data files and major coding. I've always favored less complicated themes that adhere to the default WordPress theme as much as possible, so I can dramatically reduce the learning curve and just move on to the things that really matter more.

To be continued in part 2

Three Reasons to Invest in Premium WordPress Themes

There are indeed numbers of free WordPress themes out there. Some of these themes are indeed great and would also offer numbers of useful features. Using free themes might definitely be good. However, with premium WordPress themes, you might be taken beyond that. It would be considered as the extra step you need in order to take your business into a correct position. 

Premium WordPress Themes 

There are premium WordPress themes that are available and so are made for certain businesses such as real estate, food or restaurant, magazines, e-store and more. Choosing from one among the said themes will put your business ahead among others in the competition. 

It is a fact that WordPress themes must not be that expensive. You could invest from few dollars to lots of dollars as well. It would be important to make a list of the business needs first and choose something that would fit those needs perfectly. And so, here are some of the reasons why investing in premium WordPress themes is indeed of great choice:

Premium theme would also mean premium positioning. 

Once you pay for something, you will make a statement. It would mean that you are serious with regards to what you do. It would also mean that you took the extra step in order to look professional. This might be the first step in positioning yourself as a distinct brand as well as telling the world that you are special. 

Less work will lead to higher efficiency.  

Premium WordPress themes are packed with great built-in features. With the way WordPress is built, you will probably never be without having the said pictures even in a free theme. This could be due to the fact that you could always download external plugins which could do a certain thing for you. However, imagine the time that you spend in thinking the features to add, searching and trying the plugins and installing and maintaining them. 

Through a paid theme, it would generally come being packed with features that you need and there is just a need to pick and choose the ones that you want to use. You might as well customize them based on your needs within a matter of minutes. Being a business owner you are always stretched for time and so it would not be great once you got all the functionality you wanted within a very low cost. 

Don’t forget about the support. 

Through having access to the support network would clinch the deal. Through buying a theme, it would mean that you are to get regular updates and would get to report certain issues. Everyone indeed needs a support system and would be of great if you are to choose a premium theme. 

There are as well most themes that would offer great documentation in order for you to check some things if you are DIY type of person. And there are numbers of great reasons why going for a premium WordPress theme is considered to be an advantage on your part.