Choosing your blog design theme

If you want to earn serious money by blogging, there are many different options to consider, such as: What your blog focus should be, where it should be hosted, what advertising programs to use, and what the blog should look like. As for the appearance of your blog, you'll want to choose a great blog theme.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is the platform of top blogs and it's not hard to find a lot of different WordPress themes out there to choose from.
Blog Themes can be free, high quality and personalized. Here are some pros and cons of three options:

Free Themes:
A free theme obviously costs nothing,  but there are  often some drawbacks as a result from this. For instance. you will usually have to maintain links in the footer of the site, indicating the designer's name and URL. You will also have limited options in terms of changing the outlook and feel of the blog. You might also find that your blog doesn't seem to be any different from others because many bloggers opt to use a free WordPress theme and there are only so many available out there. Another disadvantage of free options is that you won't be able to have any technical support if you have a problem. It's provided AS IS and you can use at your own risk.

Premium Blog Themes 
Premium WordPress themes come with technical support and many more options. They' re typically very customizable too, which means you can change the photos and color schemes and easily manipulate the headers and footers. They usually have some popular features and are pretty much SEO ready, which can increase your ability to get your blog more easily found in search engines. Premium options come with a fee attached so you'll want to be sure you buy from a reputable developer so that you are satisfied with the results.

Custom blog themes
Custom thematic blogs have everything you will ever want, and  of course, technical support. After all, the programmer creates the theme for you. It's a hands-free solution but it will cost you handsomely.
Choosing your blog topic is a personal decision. Whether you go with free, custom, or premium, look for something that  will help maximize your blog's success. Look for ease of use, great visual appeal, and something that helps you achieve the goals you have for the blog.