Know The Advantages Of Using WordPress Theme

If you have been using WordPress for running your blog or website, it is quite obvious that you are familiar with the theme system. WordPress theme allows you to change the way your blog or website looks in only matter of seconds. No wonder, wordpress theme is a very powerful system and it has actually made the entire procedure of publishing content online very convenient. 

Wordpress Theme

Most of the web owners prefer to use free wordpress themes that are readily available online but you should seriously consider premium wordpress theme before using a free one. 


Now you should know the different reasons behind using premium wordpress themes:



Better design:


The best part of using premium wordpress themes is that they come with the best designs done by the skilled designers and a good premium theme can actually make your blog or website unique. There are some premium wordpress themes come with some design elements that could easily cost huge amount of money if you had to hire your own designer to design such thing. 


So if you want a professional looking blog or website then you should definitely use a premium wordpress theme. 


High end coding:


Most of the free themes contain poor coding and sometimes even bad code also. Always remember one thing that bad codes are really harmful for your site because it can slow down the speed of your site and it can hurt your search engine ranking also. A premium theme is always designed by a skilled web developer who knows how a theme should be coded. You don’t have to be worried about getting any bad code with the wordpress themes. 


Smart features:

One of the very crucial advantages of using premium wordpress themes is that they come with advanced features that you cannot expect to have in a normal free theme. The advanced features allow you to show off your feature articles, place the twitter updates in the sidebar and you can also update your feedburner link for your feed and email updates. These advanced and helpful features come with the theme itself so that you won’t have to install different plug ins. Now you might be realizing the reason behind getting a good speed and high end security when a premium theme is used.


Easy and quick customization:


Premium wordpress themes allow you to customize the theme in your own way so that it can meet all your requirements. Most of the premium themes come with a lot of design settings so that you can easily change the colour, logos, fonts etc without using any HTML code.

5 Characteristics of Effective WordPress Themes – Part 1

If you're running a blog on WordPress, the first thing you'll most likely do is to put in a new WordPress theme. Even if you've been running a blog for years you might continue to be a theme "fan", wasting a lot of time doing tiny changes that when summed up simply distracts you from focusing on content.

It's definitely straightforward to see why this one aspect of managing a website requires so much attention. The right theme will enable your to place all or your widgets and codes wherever you need them to be, and may also get much better search engine scores and tons of fresh traffic each and every day.

A Clean Theme to Enjoy! 

So what are the elements you need to take into account to make theme-hunting a lot easier? Here are five important elements:

1) Theme Width and Columns

Traditionally, WordPress themes have always had either 2-column or 3-column formats. If you're running a blog for non-profit, a 2-column theme can appear more compact and easier to brose and read. Given that you have fewer pictures of products or hyperlinks to other internet websites to display, you can concentrate entirely on the content material without leading visitors away from your web page.

Having said that, if you're blogging for financial gain, you may well want to check out a 3-column WordPress theme that will enable you to use Google Adsense, and other kinds of Text Link Ads codes easily without compressing everything in the content area. 3-column themes give the webmaster enough room for growth, but if at some point you've filled up all available space with adverts, then it's time you eliminated the non-performers and use only the ones that do perform well in your specific website.

2) Use of Pics and Icons

A theme with pictures and icons can look Fantastic, but it hardly ever improves your website traffic or subscriber base. Actually, the majority of top bloggers have simple themes with a basic logo on top. Getting rid of unnecessary images also usually means faster loading time and less pressure on your servers. This critical aspect of server burden becomes crystal clear only if you have thousands of site visitors a day, but it's worth planning for the long term.

An image-laden theme also distracts people from the content material itself. That's why many important blogs use stunning pictures in the content areas to increase value to a posting, but the theme itself is very simple and quite minimalist.

Ideally, a theme should really enable you to use your own header graphic for more powerful branding reasons, but substitute pictures and icons with hyperlinks and text, or simply not use them at all unless of course, it is completely vital.

3) Compatibility with Plugins

Another time-consuming activity is setting up plugins that boost the overall performance of your web-site. There's a plugin for practically everything you need to do with your site, but although most of them are absolutely free and easily available, it's not often easy to set up the plugins and add the codes into your WordPress theme.

If your theme is far too complex, it might be a hassle to even add a single line of code you require to make a plugin do the job. This is frequently the case with highly developed themes that have too many data files and major coding. I've always favored less complicated themes that adhere to the default WordPress theme as much as possible, so I can dramatically reduce the learning curve and just move on to the things that really matter more.

To be continued in part 2